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A need for custom, high-density power supplies

When a deadline is looming and you need to quickly and reliably design, prototype and deploy a custom power supply into your system, let Vicor Power Systems implement an efficient, power-dense and reliable solution. To meet today’s demanding customer requirements, Vicor Power Systems offers more than just custom design capability. Our engineers will work closely with you during the full process from definition and design through manufacturing to ensure you get the most efficient and flexible power supply from source to point-of-load.


Vicor Power Systems team

Engineering and manufacturing professionals who understand the Military market and types of electronic and electro/mechanical equipment

A team that understands unique, cutting-edge technology, utilizing the full resource of Vicor manufacturing, process and design engineering

Professionals who will work with you, the customer, to help solidify your requirements and provide concepts that will make sense, maximize efficiency and cost-effectiveness, and reduce time to market

Project managers who will develop and monitor integrated project schedules and host design/manufacturing/test readiness reviews

Turnkey power system examples

Autonomous AI vehicle

Autonomous vehicles are requiring higher power, higher efficiency, small size and more dense power conversion products in order to drive multiple sensors and computer cards. Standard ATX supplies no longer meet these new higher power requirements and consume increasingly valuable payload space.

The Vicor PRM/VTM combination provided the regulation and isolation from the onboard battery in order to deliver the required sensor voltages. This solution also met the high-efficiency requirements in order to conserve battery life for longer operation in the field. 

Autonomous AI vehicle

High-power LED lighting

As LED displays become the size of buildings, the power challenges multiply and require innovative solutions. Being able to convert 480VAC 3-phase coming into the building directly down to the LED panels with a single supply simplifies the power architecture and allows for more complex lighting designs.

In order to deliver enough power to run large panels of LEDs efficiently, this supply takes in the 480VAC 3-phase line, rectifies it, then using advanced ultra-high voltage BCM bus converters and PRM regulators, provides multiple 52V outputs to power the various loads in an extremely dense package.

LED panels in city plaza

Electric vehicle charging

Electric vehicles in the future will need to be able to accept different voltage chargers in order to meet their specific battery charging requirements. 800VDC batteries are being considered in future vehicles, and in order to charge them from the existing 400V infrastructure, an up converter is required.  

The application requires a highly efficient step-up converter that will double the charging voltage without interfering with charging current control. Using 2:1 fixed ratio NBM bus converter modules that can reach 98% efficiency, a compact, lightweight power supply unit was developed that is able to seamlessly step up the standard charging voltage to the required 800V.

EV being charged

Tethered surveillance drone

As payloads and UAV power requirements increase, the only way to deliver enough power up the tether is with a high voltage DC source on the ground. This high voltage, low current solution reduces the diameter, weight, drag and line losses of the tether.

In order to deliver enough power to the drone, 3-phase power is required. This VPS solution delivers 8kW up the tether and has the unique ability to produce “extra voltage” as the current demand increases compensating for tether losses maintaining regulation at the UAV. The use of high voltage BCM6123 isolated DC-DC converters in a stacked configuration enables a tether voltage of up to 800V.

Tethered UAV
Vicor custom power system examples image